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Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences

4 weeks / 6 hours per week

About This Course

It covers the fundamentals taught in introductory courses surveying both biological and physical sciences at the freshman or sophomore level at college.

Our goal as creators of this course is to prepare you to pass the College Board's CLEP examination and obtain college credit for free.

“Natural Sciences” is a completely self-paced course. It has no prerequisites and it is offered entirely for free.

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How is this course organized?

This course is organized into ten modules that contain short video lessons, exercises and readings.

All of the course material has been released at once so you can complete it anytime.

What do I need to pass the CLEP exam?

You need to demonstrate an understanding on scientific concepts that an adult with a liberal arts education should have on Natural Sciences.

The examination contains approximately 120 questions to be answered in 90 minutes. Please examine our syllabus.

How does this course differ from other CLEP textbooks and traditional courses?

This online course includes a carefully structured series of video lectures and exercises taught by a top quality university professor.




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Introduce Yourself

1. Evolution and Classification

1.0 Introduction to Evolution and Classification   

1.1 Origin of Life and Plants   

1.2 Animal Evolution   

1.3 Human Evolution   

1.4 Mechanisms of Evolution   

1.5 Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium   

1.6 Mechanisms of Speciation   

1.7 Classification of Living Organisms   

1.8 Readings

2. Cellular and Molecular Biology

2.0 Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology   

2.1 Cell Structure   

2.2 Transport Across Cell Membranes   

2.3 Cellular Metabolism   

2.4 DNA Replication   

2.5 Cell Division   

2.6 Biosynthesis   

2.7 Readings

3. Structure, Function, and Genetics of Plants and Animals

3.0 Introduction to Structure, Function, and Genetics of Plants and Animals   

3.1 Structure of Plants   

3.2 Plant Physiology and Reproduction   

3.3 Structure and Function of Animal Tissues   

3.4 Anatomy of Animal Systems, Part 1   

3.5 Anatomy of Animal Systems, Part 2   

3.6 Homeostasis, Hormones, and Reproduction   

3.7 Principles of Genetics   

3.8 Modern Genetics and Inheritance   

3.9 Readings

4. Ecology and Population Biology

4.0 Introduction to Ecology and Population Biology   

4.1 Ecology and The Energy Cycle   

4.2 Ecological Cycles   

4.3 Population Growth and Models   

4.4 Population Growth and Limiting Factors   

4.5 Community Structure and Biogeography   

4.6 Readings

5. Atomic Chemistry

5.0 Introduction to Atomic Chemistry   

5.1 Structure of the Atom   

5.2 The Periodic Table   

5.3 Nuclear Reactions   

5.4 Rate of Decay and Half-Life   

5.5 Readings

6. Reaction Chemistry

6.0 Introduction to Reaction Chemistry   

6.1 Chemical Elements   

6.2 Chemical Bonding   

6.3 Chemical Reactions   

6.4 Thermodynamics   

6.5 Properties of Water   

6.6 Important Biomolecules   

6.7 Readings

7. Physics

7.0 Introduction to Physics   

7.1 Heat and Thermodynamics   

7.2 States of Matter, Density, and Gravity   

7.3 Classical Mechanics and Relativity   

7.4 Readings

8. Energy

8.0 Introduction to Energy   

8.1 Electricity and Circuits   

8.2 Electricity and Magnetism   

8.3 Introduction to Waves   

8.4 Sound and Light Waves   

8.5 Sound Waves and the Doppler Effect   

8.6 Readings

9. The Universe

9.0 Introduction to The Universe   

9.1 The Universe and Solar System   

9.2 Seasons and the Moon   

9.3 Readings

10. The Earth

10.0 Introduction to The Earth   

10.1 Earth’s Atmosphere   

10.2 Earth’s Layers   

10.2 Readings

Sample CLEP Questions

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Questions 31 - 45

Questions 46 - 60

Questions 61 - 75

Questions 76 - 90

Final Steps

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