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4 weeks / 6 hours per week

About This Course

It reviews the fundamentals of Biology that are usually covered throughout a one-year college course. Our goal as creators of this course is to prepare you to pass the College Board's CLEP examination and obtain college credit for free.

Through the guidance of Dr. Athena Anderson, from Purdue University, this course will review three major areas: molecular and cellular biology, organismal biology, and population biology.

“Biology” is a completely self-paced course. It has no prerequisites and it is offered entirely for free.

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How is this course organized?

This course is organized into three major modules that contain short video lessons, exercises, readings and other instructional resources.

All of the course material has been released at once so you can complete it anytime.

What do I need to pass the CLEP exam?

You need to demonstrate knowledge of facts, principles, and processes of biology.

The exam contains approximately 115 questions to be answered in 90 minutes. Please examine our syllabus.

How does this course differ from other CLEP textbooks and traditional courses?

This online course includes a carefully structured series of video lectures, readings, resources and exercises.




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Introduce Yourself

1. Molecular and Cellular Biology


1.1  Chemical composition of organisms   

1.2  Cells   

1.3  Enzymes   

1.4  Energy transformations   

1.5  Cell division   

1.6  Chemical nature of the gene   

2. Organismal Biology


2.1  Structure and function in plants with emphasis on angiosperms   

2.2  Plan reproduction and development   

2.3 Structure and function in animals with emphasis on vertebrates (Module 2.3)   

2.4  Animal reproduction and development   

2.5  Principles of heredity   

3. Population Biology


3.1  Principles of ecology   

3.2  Principles of evolution   

3.3  Principles of behavior   

3.4  Social biology   

Sample CLEP Questions

Questions 1 - 15

Questions 16 - 30

Questions 31 - 45

Questions 46 - 60

Questions 61 - 75

Questions 76 - 90

Questions 91 - 105

Questions 106 - 120

Questions 121 - 135

Questions 136 - 139

Final Steps

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